Robert S. Reid

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Questions as to whether public investment in international agricultural research is a 'Good Thing' or not may best be addressed using two arguments: (1) justifications based on whether or not past investments have yielded substantial benefits to societies and the resource-poor; and (2) that future investments need to be made as effectively and efficiently(More)
1. Sheep fed at a constant rate were infused intraruminally with [1-(14)C]-acetate, -propionate or -butyrate during 5hr. periods. 2. Volatile fatty acids were estimated in the rumen contents and steady-state conditions were obtained. 3. Of the butyric acid carbon 60% was in equilibrium with 20% of the acetic acid carbon, and 2-3g.atoms of carbon were(More)
Zn2+ and some other divalent metal ions bind to duplex DNA at pHs above 8 and cause a conformational change. This new structure does not bind ethidium, allowing the development of a rapid fluorescence assay. All duplex DNAs, regardless of sequence or G.C content, can form this structure. The rate of formation shows a strong dependence on temperature, pH,(More)
1-p-Chlorophenyl-4,4-dimethyl-5-diethylamino-1-penten-3-one hydrobromide (CDDP) has been shown to react selectively with small molecular weight and protein thiols. The reaction of this compound with thiols can be monitored directly owing to the large decrease (approximately 21,000 M-1 cm-1 at 310 nm) in extinction coefficient subsequent to thiol addition.(More)
I . Two pairs of Friesian steers were changed from ad lib. to restricted intake of a pelleted barley diet and were maintained on this latter intake for periods of 18 or 25 weeks. The restricted level of intake was 70 g/kg0-73 and was adjusted weekly according to individual live weights. The daily allowance was given in three equal feeds during day-time. 2.(More)
Various semicarbazones derived from aryl aldehydes, phenylalkyl aldehydes, and phenylalkyl ketones as well as some related compounds were evaluated for anticonvulsant activity. Most of the compounds displayed anticonvulsant activity in the maximal electroshock (MES) and subcutaneous pentylenetetrazole (scPTZ) screens accompanied by neurotoxicity when given(More)
The binding of methylmercury, CH3Hg(II), by small molecules in the intracellular region of human erythrocytes has been studied by 1H-NMR spectroscopy. To suppress or completely eliminate interfering resonances from the much more abundant hemoglobin protons, spectra were measured by a technique based on the transfer of saturation throughout the envelope of(More)
Studies were undertaken to determine unambiguously the stability of T-2 toxin in deuterated phosphate-buffered saline solutions in the pD range 5-12. No decomposition was observed after 1 year in samples between pD 5.0 and 6.7; above pD6.7, degradation proceeded via sequential cleavage of the ester side chains to form the series HT-2 toxin to T-2 triol to(More)
Since its founding, NASA has been dedicated to the advancement of aeronautics and space science. The NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program Office plays a key part in helping NASA maintain this important role. The NASA STI Program Office is operated by Langley Research Center, the lead center for NASA's scientific and technical information.(More)