Robert S Ream

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OBJECTIVE To estimate nursing workload from the patient acuity level (PAL) assigned to patients in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and to determine its influence on unplanned extubations. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING The 19-bed PICU of an urban, university-affiliated, tertiary children's hospital. PATIENTS All patients admitted to(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether adding IV theophylline to an aggressive regimen of inhaled and IV beta-agonists, inhaled ipratropium, and IV methylprednisolone would enhance the recovery of children with severe status asthmaticus admitted to the pediatric ICU (PICU). DESIGN A prospective, randomized, controlled trial. Asthma scoring was performed by(More)
BACKGROUND Lung growth in children is associated with dramatic increases in the number and surface area of alveolated airways. Modelling studies have shown the slope of the alveolar plateau (phase III) is sensitive to the total cross-sectional area of these airways. Therefore, the influence of age and body size on the phase III slope of the volumetric(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the effects of inhaled nitric oxide on oxygenation and ventilation in patients with acute, hypoxic respiratory failure and to characterize those who respond to low doses with a significant improvement in PaO2. DESIGN Prospective dose response trial of inhaled nitric oxide. Patients who demonstrated a > or =15% improvement in PaO2(More)
OBJECTIVE To find a body measurement that would serve as an index for determining the length of femoral venous catheter to be inserted to achieve a position near the right atrium. METHODS A candidate index measurement was chosen, and radiographic measurements of routine femoral venous catheter placements were compared with the placement that may have(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the current practice of pediatric organ donor management in the United States for donors declared dead based upon neurologic criteria. The study directs particular attention to how pediatric donors are defined, the use of donor management guidelines, the use of donor management goals, and the involvement of pediatric critical care or(More)
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