Robert S. Rand

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Linear mixtures of materials in a scene often occur because the pixel size of a sensor is relatively large and consequently they contain patches of different materials within them. This type of mixing can be thought of as areal mixing and modeled by a linear mixture model with certain constraints on the abundances. The solution to these models has received(More)
Nonlinear spectral mixing occurs when materials are intimately mixed. Intimate mixing is a common characteristic of granular materials such as soils. A linear spectral unmixing inversion applied to a nonlinear mixture will yield subpixel abundance estimates that do not equal the true values of the mixture's components. These aspects of spectral mixture(More)
Dental anxiety may be a serious limiting factor in providing adequate dental treatment. The present study sought to define the prevalence of dental anxiety in a cross-section of young Israeli adults (389 male Israeli army recruits) to correlate anxiety scores with their oral health status and to compare the findings with existing data. The main stimuli(More)
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