Robert S. Manning

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The different types of naturally occurring, normal human hemoglobins vary in their tetramer-dimer subunit interface strengths (stabilities) by three orders of magnitude in the liganded (CO or oxy) state. The presence of embryonic zeta-subunits leads to an average 20-fold weakening of tetramer-dimer interfaces compared to corresponding hemoglobins containing(More)
A previously unrecognized function of normal human hemoglobins occurring during protein assembly is described, i.e. self-regulation of subunit pairings and their durations arising from the variable strengths of their subunit interactions. Although many mutant human hemoglobins are known to have altered subunit interface strengths, those of the normal(More)
We describe a quantitative analysis of Acanthamoeba castellanii myosin II rod domain images collected from atomic force microscope experiments. These images reveal that the rod domain forms a novel filament structure, most likely requiring unusual head-to-tail interactions. Similar filaments are seen also in negatively stained electron microscopy images.(More)
We consider the problem of minimizing the energy of an inextensible elastic strut with length 1 subject to an imposed twist angle and force. In a standard calculus of variations approach, one first locates equilibria by solving the Euler–Lagrange ODE with boundary conditions at arclength values 0 and 1. Then one classifies each equilibrium by counting(More)
We describe how the stability properties of DNA minicircles can be directly read from plots of various biologically intuitive quantities along families of equilibrium configurations. Our conclusions follow from extensions of the mathematical theory of distinguished bifurcation diagrams that are applied within the specific context of an elastic rod model of(More)
INTRODUCTION Viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) outbreaks, with high mortality rates, have often been amplified in African health institutions due to person-to-person transmission via infected body fluids.  By collating and analyzing epidemiological data from documented outbreaks, we observed that diagnostic delay contributes to epidemic size for Ebola and(More)
Nonlinear problems arising in modeling applications are frequently parameter dependent, so that families of solutions are of interest. Such problems naturally lend themselves to interactive computation that exploits parameter continuation methods combined with visualization techniques. Visualization provides both understanding of the solution set and(More)
The theory of conjugate points in the classic calculus of variations allows, for a certain class of functionals, the characterization of a critical point as stable (i.e., a local minimum) or not. In this work, we generalize this theory to more general functionals, assuming certain generic properties of the second variation operator. The extended conjugate(More)