Robert S. Jampel

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Photographic and video analyses show that the primary position of the eyes is a natural constant position in alert normal humans, and the eyes are automatically saccadically reset to this position from any displacement of the visual line. The primary position is not dependent on fixation, the fusion reflex, gravity, or the head position. The primary(More)
PURPOSE To report the relationship of the retinal micromovements to the visual line and to confirm the validity of Donders' Law. METHODS Two video cameras suspended from a headband were used to record eye (video-oculography) and head movements. Eye positions in held gaze and following various trajectories to a target were recorded in five normal, young(More)
The neuroanatomical pathways involved in eye movements and in the control of the intrinsic eye muscles are of widespread clinical and experimental interest although still poorly understood. Most of the investigations carried out to date have been devoted to the conjugate gaze mechanism, pupillary dilatation as related to the autonomic nervous system, and(More)