Robert S. Gazzale

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As online markets for the exchange of goods and services become more common, the study of markets composed at least in part of autonomous agents has taken on increasing importance. In contrast to traditional complete-information economic scenarios, agents that are operating in an electronic marketplace often do so under considerable uncertainty. In order to(More)
Gender gaps in the workplace are widespread. One explanation for gender inequality stems from the e¤ects of the interaction between competition and two pressure sources, namely, task stereotypes and time constraints. This study uses a laboratory experiment to …nd that the gender gap in performance under competition and preferences for competition can be(More)
(Barcelona and Tucson) for their comments, Emre Sucu for programming for the experiment, Yuri Khoroshilov, Jim Leady and Belal Sabki for excellent research assistance. We are grateful for the constructive comments of B. Douglas Bernheim, the co-editor, and three anonymous referees, which significantly improved the paper. Abstract This study clarifies the(More)
Information goods can be reconfigured at low cost. Therefore, firms can choose how to differentiate their products at a frequency comparable to price changes. However, doing so effectively is complicated by uncertainty about customer preferences, compounded by the fact that the search for a good product niche is carried out in competition with other(More)
Digital information goods potentially provide information producers with a new set of strategies, or price schedules, for offering these goods to a consumer population. If consumer preferences are known, then a producer can choose from the available schedules according to the profits they are able to extract. However, if the population is not known, then a(More)
Dramatic increases in the capabilities and decreases in the costs of computers and communication networks have fomented revolutionary thoughts in the scholarly publishing community. In one dimension, traditional pricing schemes and product packages are being modified or replaced. We designed and undertook a large-scale field experiment in pricing and(More)
This material includes an alternative convergence level measure and results using that measure, efficiency in simulations, as well as experimental instructions. 1 Supplemental Results As a particular convergence level does not capture the change in equilibrium play over time, we define an alternative measure, which captures the change in equilibrium play(More)
The ability of a long-lived seller to maintain and profit from a good reputation may induce her to provide high quality or effort despite short-run incentives to the contrary. This incentive remains in place with private monitoring, provided that buyers share their information. However, this assumption is unrealistic in environments where information(More)