Robert S Donner

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The authors report a unique case of diffuse spinal metastatic disease due to a pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) in an adult. In addition to its overall rarity, peculiar characteristics of the particular tumor included its site of origin, demonstrated radiologically as the lumbar paravertebral musculature (psoas muscle) and the transcanalicular spread into(More)
The recent trend toward problem-based learning (PBL) in American medical education amounts to one of the most significant changes since the Flexner report motivated global university affiliation. In PBL, fundamental knowledge is mastered by the solving of problems, so basic information is learned in the same context in which it will be used. Also, the PBL(More)
The authors have used the process of plastination to preserve gross anatomic specimens for teaching purposes. A specimen is fixed in 10% buffered formalin and dehydrated in increasing grades of ethanol. Thereafter it is saturated with methylene chloride and then impregnated in vacuo at -20 degrees C with silicone rubber. Final steps involve drainage and(More)
As our knowledge of human biology becomes more complex and the medical school applicant pool declines, there is ample reason to consider an alternative to the conventional medical curriculum. Many authorities feel that a format incorporating problem-based learning (PBL) would be more appropriate and effective. The problem-based medical curriculum is one in(More)
We measured T4, T3, T3 uptake, and TSH in nonpregnant patients, pregnant patients in the early and late first, and third trimesters, and patients using oral contraceptives. Mean T4 levels increased and T3 uptake decreased during pregnancy. Concentrations of T3 decreased in early pregnancy, then increased during the rest of pregnancy. Thyroid-stimulating(More)
The authors report on an infant who had multifocal mesenchymal hamartoma of the right posterior chest wall. The tumors were found incidentally, on a chest radiograph, during routine evaluation for upper respiratory tract infection. Resection of both lesions with chest wall reconstruction was performed, with a good result. Only 46 cases of this unusual tumor(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic and prophylactic vena cava filters (VCFs) are used to prevent pulmonary embolism. Concerns exist over placing a permanent filter in a young trauma patient. Recently, retrievable VCFs have become available. One such filter is the OptEase, which has a recommended time of removal of up to 23 days after insertion. Data supporting this(More)
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