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Institute of Medicine. The members of the Committee responsible for the report were chosen for their special competencies and with regard for appropriate balance. This report has been reviewed by a group other than the authors according to procedures approved by a Report Review Committee consisting of members of the National v ERRATUM p. 9, Secti~n 3.2, 3d(More)
Preface This synthesis summarizes the findings of the Global Natural Disaster Risk Hotspots project. The Hotspots project generated a global disaster risk assessment and a set of more localized or hazard-specific case studies. The synthesis draws primarily from the results of the global assessment. Full details on the data, methods and results of the global(More)
In A Vast Machine, Paul Edwards documents the evolution of a broad scientific field that began with the curiosity of a few 19th-century explorers and scholars and now spans a worldwide community of scientists, engineers, and other specialists working with huge quantities of data, immensely complex computer models, and many sophisticated instruments and(More)
A patient with left alien hand syndrome (AHS) accompanied by leg symptoms due to right anterior cerebral artery territory infarction is reported. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated that the responsible lesion involved the right anterior cingulate gyrus, supplementary motor area, medical prefrontal cortex and corpus callosum extending from the genu to(More)
video and hardcoPy Archival videos of the presentations from this session are available through Aspen Global Change Institute's website, www.agci.org. Hardcopy versions of the report are also available on a cost of reproduction basis. Contact AGCI for more information. Publications of AGCI are available on-line in cooperation with the Global Change Research(More)
Data Science Journal are simultaneously publishing " Toward Implementation of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems Data Sharing Principles. " The paper is a collaborative, interdisciplinary product of a number of authors who participated in the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Task DA-06-01 on furthering the practical application of the agreed(More)
Long-term preservation and stewardship of scientific data and research-related information are vitally important to future science and scholarship. Scientific data archives can offer capabilities for managing and preserving disciplinary and interdisciplinary data for research, education, and decision-making activities of future communities of users. Meeting(More)
Establishing a sustainable digital archive for the long-term preservation of heterogeneous scientific digital data poses both technical and organizational challenges for Universities and research institutions that hold scientific data and research-related information using traditional media in scattered departments and units. Cooperative institutional(More)