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The present methods of determining the functional design of computers are critically reviewed and a new approach proposed. This is illustrated by explaining, in abstracted form, part of the control organization of a new and different machine based, in part, on the ALGOL 60 language. The concepts of expression and procedure lead directly to use of a Polish(More)
One of the objectives ql' publishing these progress reports is to encourage individual members oj' computing groups to communicate with members of other computing gro'ups who are worlcing on the same or similar projects. The need j~r communication is most urgent and sati¢~ling during the resea,~h stage of a project. Friendly constructive criticism is always(More)
Editor's Note: The day's discussion began with many of the key managers, designers, and developers of the Burroughs B 5000 recalling the era in which the system was conceived and introduced. In alphabetical order, the discussants for the morning session were: The time period we're talking about is 1958-1962, and maybe a little beyond that as we get into the(More)
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