Robert S. Astur

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A chasm divides the huge corpus of maze studies found in the literature, with animals tested in mazes on the one side and humans tested with mazes on the other. Advances in technology and software have made possible the production and use of virtual mazes, which allow humans to navigate computerized environments and thus for humans and nonhuman animals to(More)
Anxiety impairs evacuees' ability to select appropriate routes during building fire and smoke evacuations. Understanding anxiety is thus essential to provide proper guidance to evacuees. However, it is challenging to model how anxiety affects evacuees' decision-making process, and how to validate the resulting approach with very limited available data. In(More)
The Behavioral Neuroscience Division of the Department of Psychological Sciences offers two Ph.D. programs that specialize in Behavioral Neuroscience and Neuroscience. The programs offer a wide variety of techniques and approaches to studying the relationship between the nervous system and behavior. A special emphasis of these programs is on(More)
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