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We evaluated low-dose calcitriol (0.25 microgram b.i.d.) in combination with 1 g of supplemental calcium therapy as treatment for osteopenic women over 60 years of age (n = 4). Control patients (n = 6) received ergocalciferol (50,000 units twice a week) and 1 g of supplemental calcium. Bone biopsies and CT-determined bone mineral density were done initially(More)
PURPOSE This study assessed the usefulness of thallium stress testing as a predictor of perioperative cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing cadaveric renal transplantation. Demographic factors influencing the exercise performance in these patients were also examined. PATIENTS AND METHODS The medical records of(More)
In the past, the accuracy of facial approximations has been assessed by resemblance ratings (i.e., the comparison of a facial approximation directly to a target individual) and recognition tests (e.g., the comparison of a facial approximation to a photo array of faces including foils and a target individual). Recently, several research studies have(More)
Urban air particulate matter (PM) has previously been associated with a variety of adverse health effects. It is now believed that the smallest particles, ultrafine or nanoparticles, are linked to the greatest health effects. The physicochemistry of these particles is likely to provide information regarding their toxicity. Therefore, the aim of this study(More)
Selected biochemical parameters (serum protein, albumin, prealbumin, total retinol-binding protein, vitamins A and E, total carotenoids, and urinary urea and creatinine) were determined in healthy, free-living vegetarian and nonvegetarian subjects. The groups studied were composed of Seventh-day Adventist pure vegetarians, Seventh-day Adventist lacto-ovo(More)
[1] We observed transient stratification and mixing events associated with nearshore internal bores in southern Monterey Bay using an array of instruments with high spatial and temporal resolution. The arrival of the bores is characterized by surging masses of dense (cold) water that tend to stratify the water column. The bore is followed by a gradual drop(More)
Pursuit of the triple bottom line of economic, community and ecological sustainability has increased the complexity of fishery management; fisheries assessments require new types of data and analysis to guide science-based policy in addition to traditional biological information and modeling. We introduce the Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs), a broadly(More)
CONTEXT Exposure to ambient particulate air pollution is associated with increased cardiovascular and respiratory morbidity and mortality. It is necessary to understand causal pathways driving the observed health effects, particularly if they are differentially associated with particle size. OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of different size ranges of(More)
Data obtained from two vegetarian and two nonvegetarian populations by 24-h diet recall, 3-day weighed diet diary, analysis of 3-day composite food samples, and measurement of certain biochemical parameters were compared. Correlations for group means (both sexes combined) for values obtained by 24-h recall versus 3-day diet diary were protein, r = 0.96 and(More)