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PURPOSE To examine the effect of accommodation on iris profile in pigmentary glaucoma and its relationship to age. DESIGN Interventional case series. METHODS We measured change in iris profile with accommodation in 92 eyes of 92 patients with pigmentary glaucoma. RESULTS Mean age was 42 years. Mean change in posterior iris excursion from(More)
BACKGROUND In this article we share our experience of treating various severities of Coats' disease and focus on optimal therapy for advanced disease. METHODS Retrospective chart review of 10 patients treated with varied techniques including intraocular surgery, cryopexy and/or laser photocoagulation. RESULTS Nine patients were male. At presentation the(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective was to assess the predictive value of clinical signs and symptoms of herpes zoster ophthalmicus (HZO) for development of moderate to severe eye disease. METHODS This was a prospective cohort multicenter study of 54 patients referred to the ophthalmology service after presenting to the emergency department (ED) or primary care(More)
A 24 year old uncircumcised man presented with a 1 month history of a painful, fungating lesion on his glans penis. Following biopsy, and further clinical developments, a diagnosis of Wegener's Granulomatosis (WG) was made. The penile lesion was treated with surgical debridement, and a penile stump was salvageable. This is only the fourth case of WG(More)
OBJECTIVES The link between topical steroid use and central serous retinopathy (CSR) is poorly understood as there are a limited number of reported cases, with most cases typically occurring in patients using oral or inhaled steroids. CSR is a common retinal disease that can cause loss of vision as a result of accumulated subretinal fluid leading to(More)
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