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Estimation of HER2 membranous expression is routinely used in breast and gastric cancers, as both a prognostic and a predictive factor. To date there is no evidence for similar application of HER2 expression in colorectal cancer (CRC) cells. In CRC, HER2 is sometimes overexpressed in the cell membrane and very often in the cytoplasm. This study was(More)
A case of meningioangiomatosis, resected from the parietal lobe in a 31-year-old female is presented. Macroscopically, the lesion was composed of five calcified nodules embedded within hardened elastic tissue. Histologically, cortical and subcortical calcified masses were found surrounded by a palisade of spindle and/or oval cells. In adjacent nervous(More)
PURPOSE Molecular features of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in never-smokers are not well recognized. We assessed the expression of genes potentially related to lung cancer etiology in smoking vs. never-smoking NSCLC patients. METHODS We assayed frozen tumor samples from surgically resected 31 never-smoking and 54 clinically pair-matched smoking(More)
A case of an epidural spinal peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor (pPNET) in a 13-year-old girl is presented. The tumor was disseminated at the moment of diagnosis, thus only diagnostic oligobiopsy of the epidural mass was performed. Histologically the tumor was composed of small round blue cells. The neoplastic cells expressed MIC2 and features of(More)
A rare case of cerebral probable viral inflammatory process in a patient with the Hodgkin's disease has been presented. The diagnosis of the neurological disorder was based on the clinical course of the disease, the dynamics of the process observed in CT and MRI examinations. The pathogen was not identified in bacteriological and viral tests. Hodgkin's(More)
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