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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether US-born infants of mothers of Mexican descent who were enrolled in Arizona's Newborn Intensive Care Program (NICP) received follow-up services (developmental clinic and community health nurse [(CHN)] home visits) at the rates similar to White non-Hispanic (WNH) infants. Socio-economic and health status characteristics were(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to identify risk factors for prolonged neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stay in macrosomic (> or = 4000 g) neonates. STUDY DESIGN A population-based case-control study in which 799 cases of macrosomic neonates with a prolonged NICU stay were compared with macrosomic neonates without a prolonged stay (n = 1598). (More)
Presenting evidence from a 19 th century corporation, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company (C&O), the paper shows that issues of corporate governance have existed since the first corporations were established in the United States. The C&O used a stockholder committee to review the annual report of the president and directors. The paper shows how the C&O(More)
Contact is natural in the real world but often avoided in 3D animated features. Animators tend to make acting decisions that min-imise or avoid contact within and between their characters and the world, and when apparent contact does occur, it can tend to feel both " floaty " and unrealistic. 'Ratatouille' called for dynamic, tac-tile characters that would(More)
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