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Cultured spinal motoneurons are a valuable tool for studying the basic mechanisms of axon and dendrite growth and also for analyses of pathomechanisms underlying diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). As motoneurons in the developing spinal cord of mice constitute only a minor population of neurons, these cells(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research on educational data has demonstrated that Rasch fit statistics (mean squares and t-statistics) are highly susceptible to sample size variation for dichotomously scored rating data, although little is known about this relationship for polytomous data. These statistics help inform researchers about how well items fit to a(More)
BACKGROUND Interventions to promote positive parenting are often reported to offer good outcomes for children but they can consume substantial resources and they require rigorous appraisal. METHODS Evaluations of the Triple P parenting program were subjected to systematic review and meta-analysis with analysis of biases. PsychInfo, Embase and Ovid Medline(More)
Developmental theories highlight the salience of attachment theory in explaining vulnerability towards psychosis. At the same time there is increasing recognition that psychosis is associated with childhood trauma variables. This study explored the interaction between attachment and several trauma variables in relation to schizotypy levels in a non-clinical(More)
BACKGROUND An association between children's early language development and their emotional and behavioural functioning is reported in the literature. The nature of the association remains unclear and it has not been established if such an association is found in a population-based cohort in addition to clinical populations. METHODS This study examines(More)
It is commonly assumed that boys have poorer language skills than girls, but this assumption is largely based on studies with small, clinical samples or focusing on expressive language skills. This study examines the relationship between gender and receptive vocabulary, literacy, and non-verbal performance at 5 years through to adulthood. The participants(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate an item bank for assessing and detecting psychological distress in cancer patients by (1) identifying whether additional items are required in the full item bank; (2) identifying any item bias in the existing item bank; (3) linking levels of distress against thresholds derived from gold-standard psychiatric interviews (PSE/SCAN/SCID).(More)
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