Robert Rubinstein

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Among women of color in the United States, infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is rising. Most of the research on this topic, however, has focused on individual-level risk factors, which do not fully explain racial or ethnic differences in infection rates. This article uses structural violence as a conceptual framework to examine(More)
Modeled dissipation rate transport equations are often derived by i n v oking various hypotheses to close correlations in the corresponding exact equations. D. C. Leslie suggested that these models might be derived instead from Kraichnan's wavenumber space integrals for inertial range transport power. This suggestion is applied to the destruction terms in(More)
The sound radiated by isotropic turbulence is computed using inertial range scaling expressions for the relevant t w o time and two point correlations. The result depends on whether the decay of Eulerian time correlations is dominated by large scale sweeping or by local straining: the straining hypothesis leads to an expression for total acoustic power(More)
L'vov and Falkovich (Physica D 57) h a v e shown that the dimensionally possible inertial range scaling laws for Boussinesq turbulence, Kolmogorov and Bolgiano scaling, describe steady states with, respectively, constant ux of kinetic energy and of entropy. F ollowing Woodru (Phys. Fluids 6), these scaling laws are treated as similarity solutions of the(More)
Reassessment of the classical closures for scalar turbulence" (2013). NASA Publications. In deducing the consequences of the Direct Interaction Approximation, Kraichnan was sometimes led to consider the properties of special classes of nonlinear interactions in degenerate triads in which one wavevector is very small. Such interactions can be described by(More)
Second and third order longitudinal structure functions and wavenumber spectra of isotropic turbulence are computed using the EDQNM model and compared to results of the multifractal formalism. At the highest Reynolds number available in windtunnel experiments, R λ = 2500, both the multifractal model and EDQNM give power-law corrections to the inertial range(More)
Taylor series expansions of turbulent time correlation functions are applied to show that helicity influences Eulerian time correlations more strongly than Lagrangian time correlations: to second order in time, the hclicity effect on Lagrangian time correlations vanishes, but the helicity cffect on Eulerian time correlations is nonzero. Fourier analysis(More)
A recent paper on rotating turbulence by Canuto and Dubovikov is examined from both an historical and scientific perspective. It is first shown that their claim of finding a new energy spectrum scaling is inaccurate; such a scaling law has been published in the literature by other authors using the same physical assumptions. Canuto and Dubovikov actually(More)