Robert Rodriguez Roisin

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The diagnosis of small peripheral lung cancer is difficult to achieve by non-invasive methods. We hypothesized that in these patients induced sputum might ncrease the diagnostic yield over spontaneous sputum, representing a good diagnostic alternative in selected patients. We prospectively evaluated 60 patients with peripheral lung lesions and normal(More)
Patients with chronic pancreatitis develop massive pleural effusion in less than 1% and its frequency as the first clinical manifestation of the disease is unknown. Three patients with massive pleural effusion and dyspnea which led to the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis are referred. The patients were 28, 37 and 41 years old, they were hard-drinking and(More)
Little is known about the evolution of patients surviving an episode of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ADRS). In the present study the clinical and radiological evolution, and the course of pulmonary function changes were evaluated in nine patients that survived an episode of ADRS. There were six male and three female, with a mean age of 44 +/- 16(More)