Robert Riser

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I n our recent paper, "Ethics activities in Computer Science Courses" (SIGCAS September 1996), we suggested some techniques for introducing ethical activities into main stream computer science classes. Ethical/professional issues should be seen in the context of computing professionals practicing their profession. It helps to dispel the perception that such(More)
I n our workshop at CQL 96 we argued that one of the most effective ways to introduce ethics to computer science stu dents is by the use of a variety of ethics activities in technical computer science courses taught by the regular computer science faculty. Following this method demonstrates to students that ethical/professional content is a fundamental(More)
A Commenting System has been developed that will facilitate commenting in student programs. The need for a system such as this arose as a result of the departmental emphasis that is placed on well documented programs in all languages taught at East Tennessee State University. Due to the inadequate number of terminals and keypunches available to Computer(More)
The inverted functional matrix provides a new approach to organizing and managing projects in software engineering courses. The model simulates real-world software development and provides meaningful and varied experiences for students. Individual teams are functional units, responsible for different life cycle phases. The Inverted Functional Matrix is so(More)
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