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We assessed the impacts of anthropogenic threats on 93 protected areas in 22 tropical countries to test the hypothesis that parks are an effective means to protect tropical biodiversity. We found that the majority of parks are successful at stopping land clearing, and to a lesser degree effective at mitigating logging, hunting, fire, and grazing. Park(More)
UNLABELLED Many studies have implicated elevated oxygen consumption (VO2) associated with aerobic exercise as contributing to oxidative stress. Only a few studies have investigated nonaerobic exercise and its relation to pro-oxidant and antioxidant activities. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to compare biomarkers of oxidative stress: lipid(More)
In this case study, computer systems are explored as catalysts for new interactions between departments in health care organizations. Hypotheses investigated changes in the extent to which members of different departments (1) exchange information and (2) understand each other's work following implementation of an integrated medical information system.(More)
This report provides guidelines for a peer review process between two clinical radiation oncology physicists. While the Task Group's work was primarily focused on ensuring timely and productive independent reviews for physicists in solo practice, these guidelines may also be appropriate for physicists in a group setting, particularly when dispersed over(More)
The demand for basic research ethics training has grown considerably in the past few years. Research and education organizations face the challenge of providing this training with limited resources and training tools available. To meet this need, Family Health International (FHI), a U.S.-based international research organization, recently developed a(More)
Recently, multi-symbol based transmitted reference system has drawn attention for UWB communications because of its high performance without estimating the channel explicitly. The maximum-likelihood (ML) detector for multi-symbol transmitted reference system has been proposed to jointly detect the multi-symbol and yields a considerable improvement compared(More)