Robert Rice

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  • Vikas Agarwal, Narayan Y Naik London, Business School, Narayan Y, Ravi Bansal, Richard Brealey +27 others
  • 2002
London for providing the data on individual hedge funds and hedge fund indexes. We are thankful to Purnendu Nath and Subhra Tripathy for excellent research assistance. We are responsible for all errors. Abstract Hedge funds are known to exhibit non-linear option-like exposures to standard asset classes and therefore the traditional linear factor model(More)
Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors (AT/RTs) are highly malignant CNS tumors found almost exclusively in childhood. Although essentially universally fatal when incompletely resected, prompt diagnosis followed by early chemoradiation can improve outcomes. An AT/RT can occur extraaxially at the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) and cause acute cranial nerve deficits(More)
This report provides guidelines for a peer review process between two clinical radiation oncology physicists. While the Task Group's work was primarily focused on ensuring timely and productive independent reviews for physicists in solo practice, these guidelines may also be appropriate for physicists in a group setting, particularly when dispersed over(More)
The male-produced sex pheromone of the red-shouldered stink bug, Thyanta pallidovirens (Stål) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) consists of a blend of methyl (E2,Z4,Z6)-decatrienoate (E2,Z4,Z6-10:COOMe), and the sesquiterpenes (+)-alpha-curcumene, (-)-zingiberene, and (-)-beta-sesquiphellandrene. In laboratory bioassays, sexually mature males attracted sexually(More)
Rice developed a universal noiseless coding structure that provides efficient performance over an extremely broad range of source entropy. This is accomplished by adaptively selecting the best of several easily implemented variable length coding algorithms. Variations of such noiseless coders have been used in many NASA applications. Custom VLSI coder and(More)
With the growing prevalence of large-scale, team science endeavors in the biomedical and life science domains, the impetus to implement platforms capable of supporting asynchronous interaction among multidisciplinary groups of collaborators has increased commensurately. However, there is a paucity of literature describing systematic approaches to(More)
B ecause most processes are self-regulating, it can sometimes be challenging to tune a controller for an integrating process. The principal characteristic of a self-regulating process is that it naturally seeks a steady-state operating level if the controller output and disturbance variables are held constant for a sufficient period of time. For example, a(More)