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[1] We used daily remotely sensed fractional snow-covered area (SCA) at 500 m resolution to estimate snow water equivalent (SWE) across the Upper Merced and Tuolumne River basins of the Sierra Nevada of California for 2004 (dry and warm) and 2005 (wet and cool). From 1800 to 3900 m, each successively higher 300 m elevation band consistently melts out 2–3(More)
[1] The design of sensor networks for measuring the mean and spatial distribution of snow depth at the scale of 1–16 km was evaluated by deploying an embedded‐sensor network consisting of ultrasonic snow depth sensors to capture the variable physiographic features around an operational snow course in Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada of(More)
C31A-0275.<lb>Dozier, J., and T. H. Painter (2004), Multispectral and hyperspectral remote<lb>sensing of alpine snow properties, Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 32, 465–494, doi:10.1146/annurev.earth.32.101802.120404.<lb>Dressler, K. A., G. Leavesley, R. C. Bales, and S. Fassnacht (2004),<lb>Streamflow estimation from hydrologic model assimilation of(More)
Recently, multi-symbol based transmitted reference system has drawn attention for UWB communications because of its high performance without estimating the channel explicitly. The maximum-likelihood (ML) detector for multi-symbol transmitted reference system has been proposed to jointly detect the multi-symbol and yields a considerable improvement compared(More)
Rice developed a universal noiseless coding structure that provides efficient performance over an extremely broad range of source entropy. This is accomplished by adaptively selecting the best of several easily implemented variable length coding algorithms. Variations of such noiseless coders have been used in many NASA applications. Custom VLSI coder and(More)
With the growing prevalence of large-scale, team science endeavors in the biomedical and life science domains, the impetus to implement platforms capable of supporting asynchronous interaction among multidisciplinary groups of collaborators has increased commensurately. However, there is a paucity of literature describing systematic approaches to(More)
Sergio Abreu Eileen D. Adamson G. AlbrechtoBuehler David W. Altman Philip V. Ammirato Wilbur D. Anderson A. Arbogast C. L. Armstrong William M. Armstrong John P. Atkinson Robert Auerbach E. Avner Steven Baenziger G. Bailey M. Banerjee M. H. Barcellos-Hoff J. Barrett J. Bartley Linda Bavisotto Michael Becwar Eugene Bell C. Bethea William Bettger D.(More)