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Physicists research numerous interesting physics problems, among them the behaviour of liquid crystals. These problems can be very useful for illustrating general principles of physics, and so we worked to include them in our natural science program. In the frame of a project entitled "Introduction of current research interdisciplinary topic into education(More)
Universal behavior related to continuous symmetry breaking in nematic liquid crystals is studied using Brownian molecular dynamics. A three-dimensional lattice system of rod-like objects interacting via the Lebwohl-Lasher interaction is considered. We test the applicability of predictions originally derived in cosmology and magnetism. In the first part we(More)
It is well known that videos in education have some advantages in specific areas. We have made the experiment to see the effect of video in physics education. Our goal was to see if short video clips can improve understanding of physics - optics. In our experiment we wanted to test the principle “learning by doing” with the specific emphasis(More)
Information and communication technology (ICT) is very popular among children. A lot of children are playing computer games in their free time not knowing that some games are using game mechanics from actual physics. In this article we discuss how some computer games can be useful in teaching physics and which of them are appropriate for this purpose.(More)
In this paper, we discuss how we can make physics lessons more interesting with the use of information and communications technology (ICT). We explain why physics teachers need to be ICT competent and which ICT tools teachers can use to improve their lessons. Nowadays, many learners spend their free time playing com‐ puter games that use basic physics laws(More)
Regular discussion in the LLL (Life Long Learning) courses for the teachers in primary and secondary education gives us insight into their opinion. We discovered that teachers of primary and secondary education in our country believe that the highest retention of knowledge and understanding of mechanics can be achieved in the real world environment (in lab(More)
Contemporary education of physics in primary and secondary schools are very well organized but still not perfect. Learning materials, multimedia learning objects, knowledge testing and grading is driven to the details in Slovenia but the drill seems to be forgotten. Knowledge retention positively correspond with the amount and duration of the drills. Drill(More)
The past decade has witnessed an increased interest in the study of mixtures [1–3] of various soft materials and nanoparticles. A characteristic feature of a nanoparticle is that at least one of its dimensions is limited to between 1 and 100 nm. It is of interest to find combinations where each component introduces a qualitatively different behavior into(More)