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Building Destruction: The Consequences of Rising Urbanization on Cultural Heritage in the Ramallah Province
Urbanization, particularly in terms of private housing construction, constitutes a mounting threat to cultural heritage sites in Palestine. At risk are not only archaeological sites, but traditionalExpand
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Whose Place Is This Anyway? The Israeli Separation Barrier, International Activists and Graffiti
: [in focus, place, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, graffiti, solidarity, social justice, Israeli Separation Barrier]
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Partners for Peace: Cooperative Popular Resistance and Peacebuilding in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The struggle between Israelis and Palestinians has persisted for nearly a century and has engulfed them, as well as regional and global communities, in prolonged conflict and turmoil. Too oftenExpand
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Between Paralysis and Practice: Theorizing the Political Liminality of Palestinian Cultural Heritage
The Israeli military occupation of Palestine since 1967 coupled with the introduction of limited autonomy in 1993 has positioned the yet-to-be formed nation-state in political liminality—neitherExpand
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