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Graphene: corrosion-inhibiting coating.
We report the use of atomically thin layers of graphene as a protective coating that inhibits corrosion of underlying metals. Here, we employ electrochemical methods to study the corrosion inhibitionExpand
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Transferable graphene oxide films with tunable microstructures.
This report describes methods to produce large-area films of graphene oxide from aqueous suspensions using electrophoretic deposition. By selecting the appropriate suspension pH and depositionExpand
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Amplification of surface-initiated ring-opening metathesis polymerization of 5-(perfluoro-n-alkyl)norbornenes by macroinitiation.
This article reports the enhanced rate of the surface-initiated polymerization (SIP) of 5-(perfluoro-n-alkyl)norbornenes (NBFn) by combining two SIP techniques, namely surface-initiated atom-transferExpand
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Correction to Graphene: Corrosion-Inhibiting Coating
We failed to recognize Dr. Bridget R. Rogers who provided X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy setup that we used in our work and assisted us in the analysis for the paper.
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Surface-initiated polymerization of superhydrophobic polymethylene.
We report a new surface-initiated polymerization strategy that yields superhydrophobic polymethylene (PM) films from initially smooth substrates of gold and silicon. The films are prepared byExpand
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Influence of deposition process and substrate on the phase transition of vanadium dioxide thin films
Abstract The abrupt changes in structural, electronic and optical properties that accompany the vanadium dioxide (VO 2 ) phase transition make it a promising material for a wide range of thin-filmExpand
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Accelerated Oxidation of Silicon Due to X-ray Irradiation
Enhanced rates of oxide growth have been observed on silicon upon exposure to 10-keV X-ray irradiation. Oxide thicknesses were determined using spectroscopic ellipsometry on irradiated and controlExpand
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Low emissivity high-temperature tantalum thin film coatings for silicon devices
The authors study the use of thin (∼230 nm) tantalum (Ta) layers on silicon (Si) as a low emissivity (high reflectivity) coating for high-temperature Si devices. Such coatings are critical to reduceExpand
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Displacement damage from particle radiation in yttrium borate phosphor doped with cerium(III) or europium(III)
Abstract This study investigates whether particle irradiation of yttrium borate doped with cerium(III) (YBO3:1%Ce3+) and yttrium borate doped with europium(III) (YBO3:6%Eu3+) can cause displacementExpand
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Radiation Effects on the Photoluminescence of Rare-Earth Doped Pyrochlore Powders
This work examined the sensitivity of the luminescence spectra of europium-doped lanthanum zirconate to different types and amounts of radiation exposure. For the samples and radiation sources usedExpand
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