Robert R. Kula

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The stinging wasps (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) are an extremely diverse lineage of hymenopteran insects, encompassing over 70,000 described species and a diversity of life history traits, including ectoparasitism, cleptoparasitism, predation, pollen feeding (bees [Anthophila] and Masarinae), and eusociality (social vespid wasps, ants, and some bees) [1]. The(More)
In summer 2007, the Asian parasitoid Binodoxys communis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) was released in North America for control of the exotic soybean aphid, Aphis glycines (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Despite its comparatively narrow host range, releases of B. communis may still constitute a risk to native aphid species. To estimate the risk of exposure of(More)
Hymenoptera exhibit an incredible diversity of phenotypes, the result of ~240 million years of evolution and the primary subject of more than 250 years of research. Here we describe the history, development, and utility of the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology (HAO) and its associated applications. These resources are designed to facilitate accessible and(More)
Amoebogregarina nigra n. gen., nov. comb. (Eugregarinida: Gregarinidae) is described from trophozoites, gamonts, associations, gametocysts, and oocysts collected from adult Melanoplus differentialis (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Nemaha County, Nebraska. Host alimentary canals were examined for eugregarine parasites. Gregarines encountered were fixed as(More)
One new species of Alysiinae, Coelinius wrayi Kula, is described. Pentapleurafoveolata Viereck, also in Alysiinae and previously known only from a male collected at the type locality in Connecticut, is redescribed based on six females and two males collected at Mountain Lake Biological Station (MLBS) in Virginia. Morphological variation for Alysia (Alysia)(More)
We report on Asphondylia poss. swaedicola Kieffer & Jörgensen inducing apical stem galls on Suaeda divaricata Moquin-Tandon in the Monte region of Argentina. The putative inquiline gelechiid Scrobipalpula patagonica Povolný is confirmed as an associate of A. poss. swaedicola galls. The following hymenopteran parasitoids are associated with this system:(More)
Four new species of Tanycarpa (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae), T. gymnonotum Yao sp. n., T. similis Yao sp. n., T. areolata Yao sp. n., and T. lineata Yao sp. n., are described from the Palaearctic Region of China, and T. chors Belokobylskij is newly recorded from China. Significant range extensions are given for T. bicolor (Nees von Esenbeck), T.(More)
A new species, Acanthocaudus bicolor Kula (Braconidae: Aphidiinae), from the Nearctic Region is described and differentiated from all other species of Acanthocaudus Smith. Acanthocaudus schlingeri Muesebeck, 1958 is synonymized with Acanthocaudus tissoti (Smith, 1944). A key to the species of Acanthocaudus is provided. The following aphidiines are reported(More)
Trachyusa whartoni Yao sp. nov. from Dalian, Liaoning, China is described and illustrated. Trachyusa is a newly recorded genus in China. A key to the species of Trachyusa is provided based on the keys of Belokobylskij (1998), Papp (1967), and van Achterberg and O'Connor (1990). Type specimens of the new species are deposited in the Beneficial Insects(More)