Robert R. Krchnavek

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This paper presents the design of an optically interconnected multiprocessor. The design is oriented t o applications where the performance i s b andwidth limited i n c onventional multiprocessors. The system utilizes board-level polymer waveguides to reduce manufacturing costs. The processor interconnection network, called Gemini, has a Banyan topology and(More)
— Single-mode optical D-fiber is fabricated and coupled to single-mode acrylic waveguides by use of a novel technique utilizing alignment ways and a transcision. The D-fiber is fabricated by lapping the cladding layer of a single-mode fiber to the core. Optical waveguides and alignment ways are made with polymers by photolithography. This technique allows(More)
—iOS is Apple's mobile operating system and is presently used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The hardware platforms associated with the iOS operating system provide a powerful platform for sensor applications. In this paper, we provide a case study on the development of a digital multimeter (DMM) using an iPod Touch. The DMM case study addresses the(More)
Hydrogen silsesquioxane ͑HSQ͒ is used as a high-resolution, negative-tone, inorganic electron-beam resist for use in nanoimprint lithography. Previous studies show that 1 week long exposure delay in air decreases sensitivity and enhances the contrast of HSQ ͓F. In this work, the authors report that the electron-beam dose required for high-resolution(More)
– This paper reports on a multidisciplinary undergraduate research project to design, develop, and test a low cost Automated Crash Notification system. The completed in-vehicle system combines wireless communications and Global Positioning Systems with a network of silicon accelerometers to detect a serious automotive collision and automatically summon(More)
Digital circuits are continuing to see an increase in clock speeds which puts significant demands on the design and packaging of electronic subsystems. One possible solution is to take advantage of the high bandwidth of optics. This has clearly taken place for long-distance telecommunications, but has yet to happen at the board-or chip-level in electronic(More)
Optical interconnects in massively parallel processing (MPP) systems will require a variety of optical components regardless of the specific implementation of the optics in such systems. These components span a range of complexity from conceptually simple structures such as connectors to quite complex structures such as VCSELs. While numerous optical(More)
We have developed a new Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program at Rowan University. ThePrst class graduated in May 2000. Features include: a continuous Engineering Clinic sequence, a mixture of two-, three-, and four-credit courses, and technology focus electives. Project-based instruction is employed as a tool for motivating students and to(More)
Abstruct-Single-mode optical waveguides at 1300 nm have been fabricated from the organic polymer benzocyclobutene. This material system utilizes a 535 rmb photodefinable resin for forming the core of the waveguide, allowing the waveguides to be processed in a fashion similar to a negative photoresist. The processing conditions required for the fabrication(More)