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MapReduce and similar systems significantly ease the task of writing data-parallel code. However, many real-world computations require a pipeline of MapReduces, and programming and managing such pipelines can be difficult. We present FlumeJava, a Java library that makes it easy to develop, test, and run efficient data-parallel pipelines. At the core of the(More)
PURPOSE To present a systematic study and a proportional analysis of the arterial segments of the pig kidney. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-one three-dimensional endocasts of the arterial segments of pig kidneys were studied. Each segment was injected with a resin of a different color. Cavalieri's principle was used to calculate the volume of each renal(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the anatomical location of the ethmoidal nerve in the equine periorbital region and to determine the accuracy of a technique used to deposit local anesthetic solution adjacent to the nerve. STUDY DESIGN Prospective experimental study. ANIMALS Adult equine cadaver heads (n=6 for preliminary dissection; n=15 [30 nerve sites] for(More)
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