Robert R. Christensen

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The inertial force due to the acceleration of a locomotion interface is identified as a difference between virtual and real-world locomotion. To counter the inertial force, inertial-force feedback was implemented for the Treadport, a locomotion interface. A force controller was designed for a mechanical tether to apply the feedback force to the user. For(More)
This paper investigates whether torso force feedback on treadmill-style locomotion interfaces can substitute for treadmill tilt to simulate walking on smooth inclines. The experimental platform is the Sarcos Treadport, whose active mechanical tether can apply horizontal forces to the user to simulate the gravity forces experienced in slope walking. The(More)
Smooth slopes can be displayed on treadmills through tilt mechanisms , but these mechanisms are typically too slow to present sudden slope changes. The Sarcos Treadport utilizes a mechanical tether that can apply horizontal forces to the user to simulate gravity forces. Psychophys-ical results are presented to show that slope display via tether forces is a(More)
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