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We propose an approach to recommendation systems that optimizes over possible sets of recommended alternatives in a decision-theoretic manner. Our approach selects the alternative set that maximizes the expected valuation of the user's choice from the recommended set. The set-based optimization explicitly recognizes the opportunity for passing residual(More)
Over 50 percent of manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury (SCI) are likely to develop upper-limb pain and injury. The majority of studies related to pain have implicated wheelchair propulsion as a cause. This paper draws from a large multisite trial and a long-standing research program to make specific recommendations related to wheelchair(More)
This work is concerned with the synthesis and evaluation of integrated communication systems constructed specifically to perform in the presence of channel disturbances of the form encountered in multipathpropagation. In the communication system considered, information is conveyed from source to user by encoding it into electrical symbols at the transmitter(More)
Numerous studies have established a pivotal role for Abeta42 in Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathogenesis. In contrast, although Abeta40 is the predominant form of amyloid beta (Abeta) produced and accumulates to a variable degree in the human AD brain, its role in AD pathogenesis has not been established. It has generally been assumed that an increase in(More)
We examined age-related differences in frontal plane stability during performance of narrow base (NB) walking relative to usual gait. A cross-sectional analysis of participants from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) was performed on data from the BLSA Motion Analysis Laboratory. Participants were 34 adults aged 54-92 without history of falls.(More)
This study examined the effect of massed practice in balance recovery of stability in six children (four males, two females; mean age 9 years 2 months, SD 2 years, range 7 years 5 months to 12 years 11 months) with cerebral palsy (CP). Four children were diagnosed with spastic diplegia (Gross Motor Function Classification System [GMFCS] level II) and two(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the magnitude and prevalence of motor overflow to the arm at rest during attempted unilateral arm movements. DESIGN Cross-sectional assessment. SETTING Motor physiology laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Healthy young (n=20) and elderly (n=20) adult subjects. MEASUREMENTS Surface electromyography (EMG) was obtained from bilateral forearm(More)
This paper introduces a novel method to find Web pages that satisfy the user's current information need. The method infers the user's need from the content of the pages the user has visited and the actions the user has applied to these pages. Unlike content-based systems that attempt to learn a user's long-term interests, our system learns user-independent(More)