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We propose an approach to recommendation systems that optimizes over possible sets of recommended alternatives in a decision-theoretic manner. Our approach selects the alternative set that maximizes the expected valuation of the user's choice from the recommended set. The set-based optimization explicitly recognizes the opportunity for passing residual(More)
In 43 pairs of same-sex twins, in which at least one co-twin had Tourette syndrome (TS), 30 pairs were probably monozygotic (MZ) and 13 were probably dizygotic (DZ). Concordances for TS were 53% and 8% for MZ and DZ pairs, respectively. When diagnostic criteria were broadened to include any tics in co-twins, concordance rates were 77% and 23% for MZ and DZ(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether schizophrenics and their nonschizophrenic siblings have a similar pattern of neuropsychological deficit when compared with normal controls. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS Fifteen probands with schizophrenia, 16 of their nonschizophrenic siblings, and 31 unrelated, demographically balanced, normal individuals underwent evaluation(More)
The ability to taste low concentrations of propylthiouracil (PROP) and related bitter compounds is heritable. The current analysis determines whether the distribution of PROP taste thresholds is consistent with an additive or a dominant mode of Mendelian transmission. To that end, the lowest concentration of PROP detectable was determined for 1015 subjects(More)
Effective treatments to improve survivability following exposure to the nerve agent soman have been established and are currently available. Unfortunately, electrographic brain seizures, neuroinflammation and brain cell death are still a potential problem even with treatment. In the present study we have characterized the time course of the central(More)
A 23-month-old infant with an extensive dural arteriovenous malformation (AVM) developed a heart murmur and cardiomegaly. The AVM involved the occipital and suboccipital dura mater and the tentorium, bilaterally. We embolized the AVM with Gelfoam and polyvinyl alcohol particulates, subtotally resected it, and embolized residual vessels with isobutyl(More)
The clinical, computerized tomography (CT), and histological findings from 84 children with brain-stem gliomas were reviewed to determine whether any of these features correlated with outcome. Clinical data were available from all children, CT data from 62 children, and biopsy data from 54 children. Actuarial life tables were constructed for each clinical,(More)
A strong relationship was found between the degree of fatness of biologic mothers and that of their adult offspring who had been separated from their mothers at birth and adopted during the first year of life. This relationship persisted even after age, height, and possible confounding environmental factors were controlled. There was little evidence for(More)