Robert Prandolini

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JPEG2000 is a family of technologies based on the image compression system defined in IS 15444-1. Presently, the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee of Photographic Experts (JPEG) is developing an international standard for interactivity with JPEG2000 files, called JPIP; it will become Part 9 of the standard. One of the main goals of JPIP is to exploit the(More)
This paper presents a system, which permits arbitrary regions of importance and corresponding degrees of importance to be assigned in an image within the JPEG2000 image coder. The image can be reconstructed progressively in layers prioritised by importance values rather than the objective criterion of overall PSNR optimisation. Importance progressive coding(More)
An image coding technique called importance coding is developed to improve the interpretability versus bit-rate performance for an image compression system. The term interpretability is a subjective image quality measure of the content recognition performance by human observers. Importance coding aims to improve the image interpretability by optimising the(More)