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The optimal features with which to discriminate between regions and, thus, segment an image often differ depending on the nature of the image. Many real images are made up of both smooth and textured regions and are best segmented using different features in different areas. A scheme that automatically selects the optimal features for each pixel using(More)
Egg production systems have become subject to heightened levels of scrutiny. Multiple factors such as disease, skeletal and foot health, pest and parasite load, behavior, stress, affective states, nutrition, and genetics influence the level of welfare hens experience. Although the need to evaluate the influence of these factors on welfare is recognized,(More)
Newly emergent turkey arthritis reoviruses (TARVs) have been isolated from cases of lameness in male turkeys over 10 weeks of age. In a previous study, experimental inoculation of TARV in one-week-old turkey poults produced lymphocytic tenosynovitis at four weeks post inoculation but without causing clinical lameness. This study was undertaken to determine(More)
Enteric bacterial infections in poultry pose a threat to intestinal health and can contribute to poor feed efficiency and livability of a flock. A variety of enteric bacterial diseases are recognized in poultry. Three of these bacterial diseases, necrotic enteritis, ulcerative enteritis, and spirochetosis, primarily infect the intestine, whereas other(More)
  • Dongcheol Kim, Darius Palia, Anthony Saunders, Robert Engle, Robert Hansen, Alexander Ljungqvist +7 others
  • 2010
The objective of this paper is to analyze the joint behavior of underwriting spreads and initial returns on equity issues for a large sample of issues over a 21-year period. Traditional empirical approaches to the determination of these direct and indirect issuing costs view them as independent. Using a three-stage least squares approach, we find these(More)
The performances of three attitude determination algorithms are compared in this paper. The three methods are the Complementary Filter, a Quaternion-based Kalman Filter and a Quaternion-based Gradient Descent Algorithm. An analysis of their performance based on an experimental investigation was undertaken. This paper shows that the Complementary Filter(More)