Robert Pokorny

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Effects of the novel competitive N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-receptor antagonist SDZ EAA 494 were investigated on memory and attention in humans. SDZ EAA 494 was administered either as single doses at a dose range of 1-50 mg, or as multiple doses over the course of 1 week at doses of 25 mg once or twice daily. Selected cognitive functions were assessed at(More)
The effects of training on two memory and two attention tasks were investigated in 24 healthy elderly and 23 young subjects. Two training periods, each consisting of four sessions, were performed, and the effects of training were assessed during two test sessions 1 week thereafter. Significant age-related effects at the pretraining test session were found(More)
A bias model of relative judgment was used to derive a ratio estimation (RE) power function, and its effectiveness in providing estimates of exponents free of the effects of standards was evaluated. The RE bias model was compared with the simple RE power function that ignores bias. Results showed that when bias was not taken into account, estimates of(More)
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