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— We cast the partially observable control problem as a fully observable underactuated stochastic control problem in belief space and apply standard planning and control techniques. One of the difficulties of belief space planning is modeling the stochastic dynamics resulting from unknown future observations. The core of our proposal is to define(More)
— The RRT * algorithm has recently been proposed as an optimal extension to the standard RRT algorithm [1]. However, like RRT, RRT * is difficult to apply in problems with complicated or underactuated dynamics because it requires the design of a two domain-specific extension heuristics: a distance metric and node extension method. We propose automatically(More)
The limited nature of robot sensors make many important robotics problems partially observable. These problems may require the system to perform complex information-gathering operations. One approach to solving these problems is to create plans in belief-space, the space of probability distributions over the underlying state of the system. The belief-space(More)
— Existing tendon-driven fingers have applied force control through independent tension controllers on each tendon, i.e. in the tendon-space. The coupled kinematics of the tendons, however, cause such controllers to exhibit a transient coupling in their response. This problem can be resolved by alternatively framing the controllers in the joint-space of the(More)
—A key problem in robot grasping is that of positioning the manipulator contacts so that an object can be grasped. In unstructured environments, contact positions are typically planned based on range or visual measurements that are used to reconstruct object geometry. However, because it is difficult to measure the complete object geometry precisely in(More)
The NASA/DARPA Robonaut system is evolving from a purely teleoperator controlled anthropomorphic robot towards a humanoid system with multiple control pathways. Robonaut is a human scale robot designed to approach the dexterity of a space suited astronaut. Under teleoperator control, Robonaut has been able to perform many high payoff tasks indicating that(More)