Robert Pervine

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Distributive lattices defined for representations of rank two semisimple Lie algebras L. Wyatt Alverson II1, Robert G. Donnelly1, Scott J. Lewis1, Marti McClard2, Robert Pervine1, Robert A. Proctor3, N. J. Wildberger4 1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Murray State University, Murray, KY 42071 2Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee,(More)
Abstract: We have found many families of distributive lattices whose Hasse diagram edges can be assigned coefficients in such a way that one can recover explicit descriptions of Lie algebra representations. We now have an iterative combinatorial procedure for computing the coefficients on the edges for some of these lattices. We apply this algorithm in the(More)
We associate one or two posets (which we call “semistandard posets”) to any given irreducible representation of a rank two semisimple Lie algebra over C. Elsewhere we have shown how the distributive lattices of order ideals taken from semistandard posets (we call these “semistandard lattices”) can be used to obtain certain information about these(More)
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