Robert Pearce

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We report a 28-year-old woman of normal intellect, who had three late-onset seizures with unusual ictal features and secondary generalization during prolonged and vigorous tooth brushing. Neurologic examination and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were normal, but interictal EEG showed left frontal epileptiform activity. Reasonable precautions(More)
To establish the optimum barium-based reduced-laxative tagging regimen prior to CT colonography (CTC). Ninety-five subjects underwent reduced-laxative (13 g senna/18 g magnesium citrate) CTC prior to same-day colonoscopy and were randomised to one of four tagging regimens using 20 ml 40%w/v barium sulphate: regimen A: four doses, B: three doses, C: three(More)
We report the outcome of 161 of 257 surgically fixed acetabular fractures. The operations were undertaken between 1989 and 1998 and the patients were followed for a minimum of ten years. Anthropometric data, fracture pattern, time to surgery, associated injuries, surgical approach, complications and outcome were recorded. Modified Merle D'Aubigné score and(More)
The aim of this study was to review the number of patients operated on for traumatic disruption of the pubic symphysis who developed radiological signs of movement of the anterior pelvic metalwork during the first post-operative year, and to determine whether this had clinical implications. A consecutive series of 49 patients undergoing internal fixation of(More)
Cluster Analysis is a field of Data Mining used to extract underlying patterns in unclassified data. Many existing clustering algorithms are inadequate in that they require knowledge of how many clusters exist in the data, otherwise known as k, and that their underlying assumptions make them ineffective in certain situations. The method of Consensus(More)
Osteoporosis and associated fragility fractures are an increasing problem across the developed world. The elderly osteoporotic acetabular fracture presents a difficult problem due to high failure rates and poor outcomes. Standard management may or may not include fracture fixation, but generally includes a period of protected weight bearing, even if total(More)
INTRODUCTION Acetabular fractures due to high energy injuries are common and well documented; those secondary to low energy mechanisms are less well described. We undertook a retrospective study of the acetabular fracture referrals to our unit to evaluate the proportion of injuries resulting from a low energy mechanism. METHODS A total of 573 acetabular(More)
This paper describes the use of a mathematical technique called Patient Progress Modelling to reassess the results of an MRC trial on small cell lung cancer. The trial concerned patients treated initially with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and achieving at least a partial response. It compared the effects of giving maintenance chemotherapy with those of(More)