Robert Pastel

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Computing devices are becoming more ubiquitous and are increasingly being used in unconventional environments and body postures. For example, more commonly computers are being used while standing up or walking slowly, such as with bank teller machines or hand-held devices. This paper investigates the effect of posture on Fitts' law and cursor position time(More)
Abs tract We demonstrate the utility of a new software platform for the interactive exploration o f movement time models such as Fitts' law. The software is written in Java and provides a flexible environment for HCI research, input device evaluation, throughput comparison and edu cation. It is specifically designed using a patterns-based object model to(More)
The JUnit Generation (JUG) system provides fast, semiautomated feedback to students. It uses a Java-like script to generate unit tests and time complexity tests, then runs those tests to generate reports. The goals for JUG are improved feedback for students, and decreased preparation and grading time for instructors and grading assistants.
We developed combined graduate and undergraduate courses in which undergraduates created a prototype based on user-centered design, and graduate students worked with them to evaluate those prototypes based on common usability principles. It provided undergraduate students experience practicing user centered design, while providing graduate students(More)
Remote navigation, popular in computer games and prevalent in areas such as clinical medicine and teleoperations of robots and drones, uses human-computer interfaces for control. Usability studies of remote navigation interfaces require good metrics for evaluating interfaces, assessing users' capabilities, and determining the difficulty of the navigational(More)
Experience working in multidisciplinary teams is important both to prepare Computer Science (CS) students for industry and to improve their communication with teammates from disciplines other than their own. This article describes the evolution and results of collaborations among three courses: an undergraduate CS course about user interface design and(More)