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This paper describes a modification of the standard oxygen-dilution technique for determining residual lung volume, whereby rapid responding oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers are used to determine the point of nitrogen equilibration, and a five-liter rebreathing bag is substituted for the standard spirometer. This simplified method reduced the total test(More)
The efficacy of a 10-week program of circuit weight training to elicit specific physiological alterations was evaluated in a group of men (n = 16) and a group of women (n = 12), with an additional group of men (n = 10) and a group of women (n = 11) serving as controls. The circuit consisted of 10 stations performed on a Universal Gym, 3 circuits per day(More)
The metabolic cost of circuit weight training was determined in a group of 20 men and 20 women, 17 to 36 years of age, who volunteered to participate in this study. Performing 3 circuits (10 stations/circuit), using a work (30-sec) to rest (15-sec) ratio of 2:1, and a total exercise time of 22.5 min, the energy expenditure was found to be highly related to(More)
The refinement in recent years of tissue culture techniques has facilitated the isolation of a large number of viruses from the human intestinal tract. In addition to the polioviruses and certain members of the Coxsackie group which multiply in tissue culture, these techniques have led into another group of enteric agents, known as the orphan viruses. Some(More)
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