Robert Papazian

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A 1296-port MEMS transparent optical crossconnect with 5.1dB/spl plusmn/1.1dB insertion loss at 1550 nm is reported. Measured worst-case optical crosstalk in a fabric was n38 dB and nominal switching rise/fall times were 5 ms. A 2.07 petabit/s switch capacity was verified upon cross-connecting a forty-channel by 40 Gb/s DWDM data stream through a prototype(More)
Compact parallel transmitters and receivers with an aggregate capacity of 107 Gb/s are built through hybrid integration of arrays of ten 100-GHz spaced directly modulated lasers, arrays of ten avalanche photodiodes, and high-index contrast silica arrayed waveguide grating multi- and demultiplexers. Unamplified transmission over 75 km of standard single-mode(More)
An ultra high-density hybrid integration for micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) mirror chips with several thousand inputs/outputs has been developed. The integration scheme involving flip-chip assembly provides electrical signal to individual mirrors, which is compatible with postprocessing steps of selectively removing the silicon handle and releasing(More)
A photonic integration platform is presented that allows easy manipulation and alignment of a ball lens doublet for efficient coupling between different optical components. The alignment and fixing of the lenses are automated, accurate, and highly scalable for compact parallel optical assemblies. To demonstrate this approach, we built a 4 × 25-Gb/s(More)
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