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The vast expansion of international nancial activity over the last decade has been a central fact of international economic life. Balance-of-payments statistics indicate that cross-border transactions in bonds and equities among the G-7 countries rose from less than 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 1980 to over 140 percent in 1995. 1(More)
THESTUDY OF SCIENCE AND SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITIES is dominated by philosophies and sociologists. These disciplines naturalIy take different approaches to the subject, the one epistemological and the other sociological. While recognizing the role of society in shaping science, this article emphasizes the way that the epistemology of science influences(More)
Including Alaska, more than one-fourth of the US land area is federally owned. Studies of the political economy of this land management are underdeveloped, and our understanding of transboundary coordination between different units is virtually nonexistent. Transboundary issues are especially important for managing mobile resources (wildlife) or resources(More)
Acknowledgments: We are indebted to a number of people for help on this paper. Beau Keogh provided essential programming support. and the attendees at a seminar at the University of Illinois at which early portions of this research were presented provided useful comments, as did our discussant Thomas Hammond and attendees at a panel of the Midwest Political(More)
This paper examines the spread of trade cooperation. Spread may take two forms: the addition of new countries to an existing network of cooperation, or the creation of rival networks. To examine such spread I develop a theory based on the interaction of trade regime rules and domestic politics. Whether cooperation spreads will depend on the existence of the(More)
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