Robert P. Wright

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Five cases of the Dandy-Walker malformation are described using the magnetic resonance (MR) scan as a primary imaging technique. The patients' ages ranged from 34 weeks (in utero) to 41 years; their clinical and neuroanatomical characteristics encompassed the entire spectrum of the malformation. Clear visualization of the greatly enlarged posterior fossa,(More)
Previous application of the repertory grid technique in the strategy field has been noteworthy. However, all have been imprisoned by their adherence to strict element choice based on grid protocol. Elements in past studies have either focused on all competitor companies, or all strategic decisions, or all decision makers, or all strategic issues, inter(More)
Previous studies have noted the presence of mesenchymal stem cells located within the connective tissue matrices of avian skeletal muscle, dermis, and heart. In these studies, clonal analysis coupled with dexamethasone treatment revealed the presence of multiple populations of stem cells composed of both lineage-committed progenitor mesenchymal stem cells(More)
Recent studies have noted the presence of putative stem cells derived from the connective tissues associated with skeletal muscle, heart, and dermis. Long-term continuous cultures of these cells from each tissue demonstrated five distinct phenotypes of mesodermal origin, i.e. muscle, fat, cartilage, bone, and connective tissue. Clonal analysis was performed(More)
Progenitor and pluripotent stem cells reside within connective tissue compartments. They are also present in granulation tissue. This study examined the effects of treating these two cell populations with eight bioactive factors. Cells were assayed for DNA content as a measure of proliferation and for tissue-specific phenotypic markers as measures of(More)