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Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) architectures were promised to deliver far more than the factor of two or three that current architectures achieve from overlapped execution. Using a new type of compiler which compacts ordinary sequential code into long instruction words, a VLIW machine was expected to provide from ten to thirty times the performance of a(More)
The Multiflow compiler uses the trace scheduling algorithm to find and exploit instruction-level parallelism beyond basic blocks. The compiler generates code for VLIW computers that issue up to 28 operations each cycle and maintain more than 50 operations in flight. At Multiflow the compiler generated code for eight different target machine architectures(More)
An editing by example system is an automatic program synthesis facility embedded in a text editor that can be used to solve repetitive text editing problems. The user provides the editor with a few examples of a text transformation. The system analyzes the examples and generalizes them into a program that can perform the transformation to the rest of the(More)
[Taw94] N. Tawbi, " Estimation of nested loop execution time by integer arithmetics in convex polyhedra, " In Proc. 16 anteeing to avoid all false aliases. Furthermore, there may well be a potential alias between such a pair of memory references. We chose an alternative to simply add a heuristic in our PMD framework , which assigns a small constant, , as(More)
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