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Netrin and its receptors Unc5 and deleted in colorectal carcinoma (DCC) regulate axon guidance and cell migration. We defined domains involved in the interactions between netrin-1, DCC, and Unc5c. We show that Unc5 requires both Ig domains to interact with netrin. DCC binds through the fourth fibronectin type III domain, whereas netrin binds through(More)
Dock, an adaptor protein that functions in Drosophila axonal guidance, consists of three tandem Src homology 3 (SH3) domains preceding an SH2 domain. To develop a better understanding of axonal guidance at the molecular level, we used the SH2 domain of Dock to purify a protein complex from fly S2 cells. Five proteins were obtained in pure form from this(More)
A distributed-parameter computational model of the outer hair cell was used to predict the potentials resulting from current injection. A good fit was found to the length-dependent whole cell conductance and capacitance. The fit required the presence of the subsurface cisterna and a low (0.001 mS/cm2) specific conductivity for the plasma membrane of the(More)
After noise- or drug-induced hair-cell loss, the sensory epithelia of the avian inner ear can regenerate new hair cells. Few molecular markers are available for the supporting-cell precursors of the hair cells that regenerate, and little is known about the signaling mechanisms underlying this regenerative response. Hybridoma methodology was used to obtain a(More)
  • References Hayashi-Takagi, F Wu, Y I Loshbaugh, A L Hahn, Kasai, Y Niu +12 others
  • 2015
Memories are difficult to pin down, in part because there is no single kind—they can be fragmentary or interwoven, stable or ephemeral, easily recalled or long dormant. Exploring how learning and memory are encoded by changes in neuronal structure is a pursuit that supplants the abstract with something tangible, a toehold for understanding one of the most(More)
Two scientists walk into a bar. After a pint and an exchange of pleasantries, one says to the other, "Where do you come from? Scientifically, I mean." The queried scientist responds, "Out of the RNA world." "Don't we all," the asker responds chuckling. Fifteen years ago, the joke would have been made with a nod to the notion that life arose from an(More)
Since its debut in Cell nearly 3 years ago, SnapShot has quickly become one of our most highly downloaded features. Conceived as handy one-page reference guides—cheat sheets—for important topics in cell and molecular biology, SnapShots have encapsulated diverse subjects ranging from silencing by small RNAs to the plant immune response. Building on this(More)
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