Robert P Kollaard

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE It is estimated that one third of the institutes applying clinical beta sources does not perform independent dosimetry. The Netherlands commission on radiation dosimetry (NCS) recently published recommended quality control procedures and detectors for the dosimetry of beta sources. The main issues of NCS Report 14 are summarized here.(More)
Our aim is to develop a safe and reliable closed-loop sensing system for the implanted FES system (‘Praxis24’, Neopraxis Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia), which will be light weight and easy to don/doff. Open-loop FES standing has typically been achieved for 10-20 minutes. This system will be used by paraplegic individuals for prolonged standing (20 minutes(More)
PURPOSE We hypothesize that flattening filter free (FFF) high dose rate irradiation will decrease cell survival in normal and cancer cells with more pronounced effects in DNA repair deficient cells. Additionally, we hypothesize that removal of the flattening filter will result in an enhanced relative biological effectiveness independent of the dose rate. (More)
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