Robert P Kocher

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A novel brain-selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, SDZ ENA 713, is under development for the treatment of dementia of the Alzheimer type. To determine the threshold dose for central activity, single doses of the compound were administered to 20 young male volunteers in a double-blind cross-over design and the effects on the sleep electroencephalography(More)
The results of long experience in the treatment of chronic and severe pains resistant to ordinary therapy with psychotropic drugs are reported. Out of 103 impatients with chronic and severe pains caused by neurological conditions, who were treated with a combination of thymoleptics and neuroleptics, 82 (approx. 82%) showed marked improvement. These(More)
IMPORTANCE Recent governmental and private initiatives have sought to reduce health care costs by making health care prices more transparent. OBJECTIVE To determine whether the use of an employer-sponsored private price transparency platform was associated with lower claims payments for 3 common medical services. DESIGN Payments for clinical services(More)
To combat adverse selection, governments increasingly base payments to health plans and providers on enrollees' scores from risk-adjustment formulae. But because the variance of medical costs increases with the predicted mean, incentivizing enrollment of individuals with higher scores can increase the scope for enrolling " over-priced " individuals with(More)
Pain as a psychophysical experience and in particular its treatment have always been--and are particularly nowadays--an essential problem in medicine. Beyond that pain has a multitude of connections to human existence. The phenomenon of pain appears in almost all areas of art (painting, sculpture, music and poetry), philosophy and the religions. In the arts(More)
Views expressed here are those of the authors and not of the institutions with which they are affiliated. Abstract Roughly 25 percent of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a private Medicare Advantage plan, a fraction that has been growing steadily in recent years. Because these plans are " at risk " for the cost of their enrollees' care, they have an(More)
Sleep disorders and depressive symptoms are concomitant features in patients with addictive disorders. In this study, patients with addiction (alcohol and opioid, resp.) and with major depression (DSM-III-R) were examined with a sleep EEG and compared to age-matched controls. An age-dependent decrease of total sleep time and slow-wave sleep (SWS) was(More)
EMG abnormalities such as short muscle twitches and marked increase of muscle tone can be identified during REM sleep. We compared the polysomnographic parameters of ten alcoholic patients who were sober and medication-free for at least four weeks, five methadone-substituted politoxicomanic patients (MSP) and ten healthy control patients. The alcoholics and(More)