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It is generally understood that employees in organizations misuse technology in specific ways--by sending and receiving personal email, frequenting chat rooms, and using the Web for non-work-related reasons. However, little research has focused on what motivates this type of use. The present study extends existing communication technology and organizational(More)
In forest ecosystems, fungal mats are functionally important in nutrient and water uptake in litter and wood decomposition processes, in carbon resource allocation, soil weathering and in cycling of soil resources. Fungal mats can occur abundantly in forests and are widely distributed globally. We sampled ponderosa pine/white fir and mountain hemlock/noble(More)
Untrained assessors graphically rated the saltiness of plain slices of white bread relative to a personally ideal level of saltiness, with each test session designed to minimize known contextual effects on ratings. Judgements were highly reliable from the first session. However, the mean of the residual variances of individuals' psychophysical functions was(More)
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