Robert P. Burton

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The increased importance of graphics in computer systems has made computer graphics a more visible and important part of computer science education. This graphics education can take any of several forms. This panel describes four of these: the graphics service course for non-majors, the graphics systems course, the graphics concepts and algorithms course,(More)
This research examines three relatively unexplored questions about the effects of role socialization on the initiation of cocaine use: (1) What are the effects of adult social roles on the initiation of cocaine use? (2) What are the effects of the life-course timing of entry into adult social roles on the initiation of cocaine use? and (3) What are the(More)
Permission is granted to use this work or any portion of it for any purpose as long as sufficient context is given around the citation to correctly explain the author's original intent. This thesis has been read by each member of the following graduate committee and by majority vote has been found to be satisfactory. As chair of the candidate's graduate(More)
This thesis presents the formulation and solution of a new problem in systems and control theory, called the Network Realization Problem. Its relationship to other problems, such as State Realization [1] and Structural Identifiability [2], is shown. The motivation for this work is the desire to completely quantify the conditions for transitioning between(More)
In March of 1979, the Curriculum Committee on Computer Science (C<supscrpt>3</supscrpt> S) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) proposed recommendations for the undergraduate curriculum in computer science: &#8220;Curriculum '78.&#8221; &#8220;Curriculum '78&#8221; includes CS 5, &#8220;Introduction to File Processing,&#8221; as an undergraduate(More)
Traditional Star Coordinates displays a multi-variate data set by mapping it to two Cartesian dimensions. This technique facilitates cluster discovery and multi-variate analysis, but binding to two dimensions hides features of the data. Three-dimensional Star Coordinates spreads out data elements to reveal features. This allows the user more intuitive(More)