Robert P. Burton

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The increased importance of graphics in computer systems has made computer graphics a more visible and important part of computer science education. This graphics education can take any of several forms. This panel describes four of these: the graphics service course for non-majors, the graphics systems course, the graphics concepts and algorithms course,(More)
This research examines three relatively unexplored questions about the effects of role socialization on the initiation of cocaine use: (1) What are the effects of adult social roles on the initiation of cocaine use? (2) What are the effects of the life-course timing of entry into adult social roles on the initiation of cocaine use? and (3) What are the(More)
Traditional Star Coordinates displays a multi-variate data set by mapping it to two Cartesian dimensions. This technique facilitates cluster discovery and multi-variate analysis, but binding to two dimensions hides features of the data. Three-dimensional Star Coordinates spreads out data elements to reveal features. This allows the user more intuitive(More)
In March of 1979, the Curriculum Committee on Computer Science (C<supscrpt>3</supscrpt> S) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) proposed recommendations for the undergraduate curriculum in computer science: &#8220;Curriculum '78.&#8221; &#8220;Curriculum '78&#8221; includes CS 5, &#8220;Introduction to File Processing,&#8221; as an undergraduate(More)
— Most autonomous mobile agents operate in a highly constrained environment. Despite significant research, existing solutions are limited in their ability to handle heterogeneous constraints within highly dynamic or uncertain environments. This paper presents a novel maneuver selection technique suited for both 2D and 3D environments with highly dynamic(More)
The process of visualizing n-D data presents the user with four problems: finding a hyperdimensional graphics package capable of rendering n-D data, finding a suitable presentation technique supported by the package that allows insight to be gained, using the provided user interface to interact with the presentation technique to explore the information in(More)