Robert P. Broadwater

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The study started with the requirement that a photovoltaic (PV) power source should be integrated with other supplementary power sources whether it operates in a stand-alone or grid-connected mode. First, fuel cells for a backup of varying PV power were compared in detail with batteries and were found to have more operational benefits. Next, maximizing(More)
Reliability is a key aspect of power system design and planning. In this research we present a reliability analysis algorithm for large scale, radially operated (with respect to substation), reconfigurable, electrical distribution systems. The algorithm takes into account equipment power handling constraints and converges in a matter of seconds on systems(More)
Stakeholders’ expectations and technology constantly evolve during the lengthy development cycles of a largescale computer based system. Consequently, the traditional approach of baselining requirements results in an unsatisfactory system because it is ill-equipped to accommodate such change. In contrast, systems constructed on the basis of Capabilities are(More)
This paper presents distributed algorithms for both radial and looped load flows for unbalanced, multi-phase power distribution systems. The distributed algorithms are developed from tree-based sequential algorithms. Formulas of scalability for the distributed algorithms are presented. It is shown that computation time dominates communication time in the(More)
This paper presents a new method for studying the electromechanical transients in power systems using combined Transmission and Distribution (T&D) models. Unlike the traditional dynamics analysis techniques which assume a balanced electric network, the methodology presented in this paper models individual phases of the power system and associated imbalances(More)
Distributed, controllable energy storage devices offer several benefits to electric power system operation. Three such benefits include reducing peak load, providing standby power, and enhancing power quality. These benefits, however, are only realized during peak load or during an outage, events that are infrequent. This paper presents a means of realizing(More)
The number of grid-connected rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is expected to increase significantly in the next few years. Many studies have been conducted on analyzing transmission level voltage stability with high PV penetration, and recent efforts have also analyzed voltage stability at the medium- and low-voltage distribution levels. However,(More)
(ABSTRACT) Robust estimation methods have been successfully applied to the problem of power system state estimation in a real-time environment. The Schweppe-type GM-estimator with the Huber psi-function (SHGM) has been fully installed in conjunction with a topology processor in the EEF utility, headquartered in Fribourg, Switzerland. Some basic concepts of(More)