Robert Oshana

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aytheon Systems Company, a defense electronics firm, typifies many US Defense Department environments in its strong, process-oriented development strategy. The company has been actively engaged in software process improvement at the organizational and project levels for over a decade. Raytheon bases its efforts on the Software Engineering Institute's(More)
The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Software sm is a development framework that describes the key elements for an effective software process. Cleanroom software engineering (CSE) is a managerial and engineering process for the development of high quality software with certified reliability. The combination of CMM management and organizational(More)
Cleanroom is a set of software engineering principles that support the development of reliable software. The Systems group at Raytheon TI Systems, a SEI level 3 organization, successfully adopted Cleanroom into a pilot CMM level 5 project. The successful introduction of this technology was a result of the principles of Cleanroom being based on fundamental(More)
This report describes the adoption of Cleanroom Software Engineering Methodology into a mature software organization as defined by the SEI' s Capability Maturity Model. The organization, a defense contractor operating at SEI Level 4/5, has been working to develop a large real time system under tight budget and schedule constraints. This overview describes(More)
Software perjormance engineering concepts have been incorporated into a Raytheon Systems Company program developing a digital signal processing application concurrently with a next generation DSP-based array processor. Algorithmic per$ormance and an eflcient implementation were driving criteria for the program. As the processor was being developed(More)
Raytheon Systems Company is a defense electronics company that has been actively engaged in a software process improvement effort at the organizational and program levels for over a decade. The company uses the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) as a basis for their improvement efforts and has been formally assessed at(More)
Cleanroom usage-based statistical testing techniques have been incorporated into the software development process for a program in the Electronic Systems business of Raytheon Company. Cost-effectively improving the quality of software delivered into systems integration was a driving criterion for the program. Usage-based statistical testing provided the(More)
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