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BACKGROUND Diabetes has been associated with an increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in studies of referred patients. This is the first population based case control study in the USA to examine this association while adjusting for other major risk factors related to HCC. METHODS We used the Surveillance Epidemiology and End-Results Program(More)
BACKGROUND Poor retention in HIV care leads to poor survival. The predictors of poor retention in HIV care are not well understood, especially from US nationwide datasets. We determined the predictors of poor retention in HIV care among a group of US veterans and examined whether poor retention was confounded by other predictors of survival. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection need lifelong medical care, but many do not remain in care. The effect of poor retention in care on survival is not known, and we sought to quantify that relationship. METHODS We conducted a retrospective cohort study involving persons newly identified as having HIV infection during(More)
OBJECTIVES In an aging population, the number of veterans diagnosed with dementia is likely to increase. Knowledge of existing dementia prevalence will be beneficial in planning for future patient care needs. Our objectives were to assess the prevalence of the dementia diagnosis among those treated at Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers and determine how(More)
BACKGROUND Among elderly persons, falls account for 87% of all fractures and are contributing factors in many nursing home admissions. This study evaluated the effect of an easily implemented, low-intensity exercise program on the incidence of falls and the time to first fall among a clinically defined population of elderly men and women. METHODS This(More)
A dozen studies have been published showing that opiate antagonists suppress alcohol drinking in animals, and two independent placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trials of naltrexone found this agent was associated with decreased alcohol craving and consumption in alcohol-dependent patients. Nalmefene is a newer opiate antagonist that has a number of(More)
While large differences by race/ethnicity in breast cancer survival are well established, it is unknown whether differences in quality of chemotherapy delivered explain the racial/ethnic disparities in survival among black, Hispanic, Asian, and white women with breast cancer. We evaluated factors associated with time to initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy(More)
We related reported physical symptoms, cognitive appraisals (e.g., negative style of thinking), and coping strategies (e.g., denial/disengagement strategies) with illness burden across several functional domains separately in subsets of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients with (n = 26) and without (n = 39) concurrently diagnosed major depressive(More)
OBJECTIVES : This investigation was guided by the stress process model and had two objectives: first, to describe the extent of negative caregiving effects for family caregivers of veterans with dementia, and second, to identify salient predictors of negative caregiving effects. DESIGN : Data were obtained from baseline, structured telephone interviews(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The incidence of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma has been recently increasing in the United States. In this case-control study, we used the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare database to evaluate the prevalence of known risk factors for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and explore other potential risk factors. METHODS We(More)