Robert O'Connell

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A new method to measure rotating frame relaxation and to create contrast for MRI is introduced. The technique exploits relaxation along a fictitious field (RAFF) generated by amplitude- and frequency-modulated irradiation in a subadiabatic condition. Here, RAFF is demonstrated using a radiofrequency pulse based on sine and cosine amplitude and frequency(More)
BACKGROUND After an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral microcirculatory changes occur as a result cerebral vasospasm. The objective of this study is to investigate, with a computational model, how various degrees of vasospasm are influenced by increasing the mean blood pressure and decreasing the blood viscosity. METHODS Using ANSYS CFX(More)
BACKGROUND Although the prognosis of most patients presenting with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is poor, a small proportion survives long term. We investigated factors associated with survival in a large patient series. METHODS All patients registered with the NSW Dust Diseases Board (2002-2009) were included in an analysis of prognostic factors(More)
The optimal conditions for activation of Dictyostellium discoideum spores are an 8 M urea treatment for 30 min. The lag between activation and swelling is 45 min. Lower concentrations of urea do not activate entire spore populations. Incubating spores in 8 M urea for 60 min or treatment with 10 M urea for 30 min results in a lengthening of the(More)
We describe a fundamentally different approach to MRI referred to as SWIFT (sweep imaging with Fourier transformation). SWIFT exploits time-shared RF excitation and signal acquisition, allowing capture of signal from spins with extremely short transverse relaxation time, T(2)*. The MR signal is acquired in gaps inserted into a broadband frequency-swept(More)
OBJECTIVE(S) Previous studies have shown that individual risk factors are poor predictors of mortality after heart transplantation in patients with congenital heart disease. We developed composite risk factor groups to better predict mortality after cardiac transplantation. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional retrospective analysis of all heart(More)
Surface organic residues inhibit the extraordinary electronic properties of graphene, hindering the development of graphene electronics. However, fundamental understanding of the residue morphology is still absent due to a lack of high-throughput and high-resolution surface characterization methods. Here, we demonstrate that secondary electron (SE) imaging(More)
The globular cluster ! Centauri contains the largest known population of very hot horizontal branch (HB) stars. We have used the Hubble Space Telescope to obtain a far-UV/optical color-magnitude diagram of three elds in ! Cen. We nd that over 30% of the HB objects are \extreme" HB or hot post-HB stars. The hot HB stars are not concentrated toward the(More)