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Skin conductance was measured in 10 subjects with a DC Wheatstone bridge in 10 areas purportedly containing acupuncture loci on the Triple Burner (TB) and Lung (Lu) meridians. When the results were compared to those from anatomically similar locations devoid of acupuncture loci, local conductance variation was found to be significantly different (p less(More)
The amplitude of electrical potentials generated in stressed bone is dependent upon the rate and magnitude of bony deformation, while polarity is determined by the direction of bending. Areas under compression develop negative potentials with respect to other areas. Similar results were obtained both in living and dead bone. Removal of the inorganic(More)
The dielectric consCa,rlt E ' and dielectric loss E ' ' of human cortical bone have heen measured for frequencies of 1, 10, 50 and 100 kc and for hydrations (h) from 0 t o 65 mg-H,O,'g-bone. The absorption isotherm has also been detcrmined. Curves of E ' a n d E" vs h are found to alter sharply at a particular value of the hydra-tion, I t ,. defining the '(More)
Silver, platinum, gold, stainless-steel, and copper electrodes were used with low currents (0.02 to 20 muA/mm(2)) to explore their electrochemical effects on the growth of four bacterial species. In the higher current ranges, all electrodes inhibited growth at both poles, usually in conjunction with electrolytic break-down of the medium and severe corrosion(More)
Laboratory studies have shown that electromagnetic fields similar to those from high-voltage transmission lines can produce biological effects. Surveys of the actual effects of such lines on exposed individuals usually have been hampered by complicating factors tending to blur the data. By means of a new approach, however, correlation has been established(More)